6 Steps for Completing an Information Research Project (1996-2010) - Project based learning
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The 6 steps (Summary)

6 Steps for Completing
an Information Research Project
Project Based Learning

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The steps outlined below form part of a whole. In a real problem-solving situation,
a student can carry them out one at a time or several at a time,
repeat them or backtrack, depending on his or her work habits and work pace.

Step 1
  I define
  my subject
  I understand the nature, objectives and scope of the work to be done
  I clarify the research question
  I brainstorm
  I pick out the important ideas and keywords
  I decide on the perspective from which I will approach my subject
  I formulate my main idea
  I draft a tentative plan
  I think about the resources I will need
  I plan my work
Step 2
  I search
  for sources
  I choose the resources that I will use for my research
  I construct search strategies using my keywords
  I start my search using my keywords at the library, on the Internet
  I check the effectiveness of my search strategies and adjust them as needed
  I select the documents and resources that appear most pertinent
  I discuss and share ideas with several other people
Step 3
  I select
  I organize the documents I have selected
  I assess the quality of the information using pre-established criteria
  I examine different points of view
  I identify the specific information I will need for my work
  I take note of the references and the characteristics of the documents selected
Step 4
  I extract
  I read, listen, watch attentively and take notes
  I credit my information sources and I respect the rules concerning privacy
  I organize my notes systematically and adjust my tentative plan
  I evaluate my progress and I repeat steps if necessary
Step 5
  I process
  I analyze the information selected in light of the research question
  I consider different possible solutions for dealing with my subject
  I combine the ideas and information taken from different sources
  I compare opinions and formulate my own according to the objective of the project
  I confirm my main idea or reformulate it
  I decide how to structure my work as a whole
Step 6
  I produce
  my work
  I develop my project in light of my objectives and the target audience
  I express my opinion if the objective of the project so requires
  I make sure that the content of my project holds together
  I revise the quality of the language used
  I check whether I have followed the instructions
  I organize the materials and equipment that I may need

Process adapted and updated by Hélène Guertin, MBSI,
with the collaboration of Paulette Bernhard, Honorary Professor,
School of Library and Information Science, University of Montreal, Québec.

Translated from French : « Les 6 étapes d'un projet de recherche d'information »
by Leslie Macdonald, M.A.(University of Montreal), certified translator OTTIAQ

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