Event Name: Everything Need Not Be Miscellaneous: Controlled Vocabularies and Classification in a Web World

Organizing Committee:

  • Eric Childress (OCLC Programs & Research), chair
  • Clément Arsenault (Université de Montréal)
  • Rebecca Green (ISKO-NA)
  • Libbie Crawford (OCLC DDC)


  • OCLC
  • ISKO-NA (International Society for Knowledge Organization - North America)
  • Université de Montréal

Date: 5 August, 2008

Venue: Université de Montréal

Registration: limited to 115 paid registrants

Registration cost: $65 CAN/person


A pre-conference to The 10th International Conference of International Society for Knowledge Organization: Culture and Identity in Knowledge Organization (5-8 August, 2008 @ Université de Montréal) [].

This event will explore the potential value for well-structured terminology systems to power a better Web experience. Invited experts will present briefings on widely-recognized vocabularies and also introduce an emerging W3C standard, SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization Systems) which promises to be a important vehicle to help well-structured terminology systems unleash their value on the Web.

Please consult the Programme section for more detail.